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You're never too old to learn a new skill.🚀

Last week we hosted a special event for the Multiverse apprentice community.

Such a gamechanger to be collaborating with a company that champion attaining practical skills as a core value to empower and support individuals in finding a fulfilling career.

Seek uncomfortablity!😐 Trying something new can feel rather alien at first and the pressure to be 'good' leads to extra fear and anxiety.

Funny that many of us happily shy away from developing new skills like creativity, when many studies have proven that on the other side of this fear is growth and success.🚀

After our experience, we had one final challenge for the apprentices to step out of their comfort zone and boost creative confidence. This task was to be brave and post the final artwork onto social media.

I challenge YOU to get creative! 🎨🖌

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