“When you say F*%k it... good things start to happen”

Hello Sippers Family #GoodVibeTribe

Welcome to our world! We are a creative and dynamic couple who have worked in the experiential events and promotions sector for over 15 years combined. Weirdly, both of us actually love working together, so since our first date (at the NHM 8 years ago) our ambition has been to start a business and design a lifestyle, which would allow us the opportunity to meet more creative, positive, and kind-hearted people.

But after several years of coming up with many ‘good ideas’ but always failing to get these initial plans off the ground, we started to feel like ‘wantrepeneurs’ rather than entrepreneurs in the making.

"Progress not perfection"

To pay the bills we continued working within industries that did not align with our passions and dreams, with Josie finally biting the bullet and taking on a management position for a tobacco client (no judgement!) and myself (Elliot) working for various clients as an events manager. Sadly, this meant it became very normal to spend days and often weeks away from home and each other.

At the beginning of 2018 after many months on the road and working alongside within toxic environments my usual optimistic spirit started to dim which began a spiral into a quarter-life crisis. The following year Josie also began to feel unfulfilled and uninspired trying to climb the corporate ladder. So, when she was suddenly made redundant from her position, we were both somewhat happy and relieved.


“Happiness is a journey... not a destination”

We decided to view this negative situation as a blessing and a chance to take radical ownership, trust in our own abilities and rewrite the script into a positive story. Allowing us to take control of our futures and destiny. 

Fuelled with hope, we sat down and created a plan of action by mapping together each other's talents, skills, values, goals and ambitions.​ And after lots of deep soul-searching (sobbing, binge eating & dragon's den watching) we both recognised the importance of combining our life's purpose with tackling the general wellbeing and mental health in the world.​

“Art is another form of mindfulness and meditation”

The vision was to start a business to encourage curiosity, cultivate creativity and build a connected community whilst relieving people of their daily stress and anxiety through engaging, social, art experiences.​​

ART SIPPERS was born! A fun new paint and sip experience where anyone can join to learn new skills, socialise, meet new people and feel inspired through various art events.




Elliot (Nortey) Josie (Pitcher) aka NorteyPitcher


     "Love is the key"

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