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A lasting brand message

Product launch, pop-up activation, experiential campaign?

Get the crowds talking with a unique opportunity to feel connected with your drink’s brand.


Grow your community of fans with key tangible takeaway items aka a one-of-a-kind painting to keep forever!


Engage directly with your audience and drive ROI with original social content, potential press coverage and increased sales.

Brand in hand

Direct to consumer drinks sampling boxes can be another innovative way to target audiences, excite social influencers, change brand perception and reach new consumers by getting your ‘brand in hand’.

Paint and drink kit delivered to targeted consumers, who can partake in a live 90-120mins creative experience from home.

Create your brand image on canvas following step-by-step instructions by NorteyPitcher.

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Share. Social. Sales.

Discover a new opportunity to reach more fans of your brand with a strategic online campaign.

Increase awareness, generate leads, attract new followers, expand your social media community and more by collaborating with ART SIPPERS.

Stand out of the crowd and spread your brands message with a dose of creative innovation. 

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