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This is not just Anymoment… it’s an ART SIPPERS experience! 🙌

We love a good collaboration… and last week we had our first taster session of being a “creator” with the @anymomentdotcom team who are all about bringing the magic of experiences to life by partnering with local creatives. 😝

👉 The Brief: A creative and collaborative team social for @deloitte_uk

👉 The solution: It was time for a “Mural Masterpiece” which is our apprentice style creative challenge that offers x2 groups the chance to compete against each other to re-create the designated artwork within 120 mins. ⏰️

👉 The Benefits: Perfect team building activity to showcase leadership skills such as: communication, collaboration, contribution, strategy, confidence, and creativity.

A little competition never hurt anyone or any team... in fact, it brings them closer together. 💟

With the Boss announcing that the winning team's artwork would be going up on the wall in the office, the ideas and imaginations were insane in this one! 💡

👉 The Results: We will let the two masterpieces speak for themselves. Which artwork do you prefer? 💭🖼

Whether you're looking for entertainment, learning something new, or just a memorable experience… has got something for everyone and every occasion.

Don't forget to book your Christmas Party before ut is too late!


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