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Some Days Are Hard. Some Days Are Magic 🎁🪄🪄✨️

Running a small business is like a rollercoaster ride… add a partner co-founder into the mix and it gets even more mental!! 😜

Through the tough times we are learning to have patience and compassion for each other.

Being able to trust the process is not easy…

To keep focused on the mission, we try to not let any success go to our head and not let failures or silly mistakes go to our heart. 💟

Of course there are daily ups and downs, twists and turns that challenge our sanity at times… but, that's what makes it all the more memorable! 💥

Everyday there is something new to learn, ways to develop or improve and grow together as a team. 🙌😍

If you're feeling a bit mehhh and ready to try something new for 2023… we say go for it! 💪🚀

Whether it's starting a business, podcast, fitness journey or painting... push yourself out of the comfort zone and make it a masterpiece. 🖼

Remember, every artwork started with a single brush stroke! 🖌


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