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Slicker than your average office ART! 🎨🖌

If you've got a boring blank wall…

Take on the Art Sippers Challenge. 💪

Transform any dull space with something wall-worthy made by your team.

🦙 The Backstory:

@lloydsoflondon had a cheeky Llama Pinata in their office, so a new larger-than-life ‘No Drama Llama’ artwork was the perfect replacement.

🎯 The Objective:

In two teams, we set them on a mission to sketch and paint an eye-catching multi-panel mural masterpiece in just 120 minutes!

🧠 Our Creative Framework:Through our creative workshops, we teach employees the step-by-step process of how to break down complex challenges (the artwork) and reverse engineer them into its basic parts (the brushstrokes).

ART is our little secret weapon to tackle life’s small or big challenges! 👌

🤩 The Benefits:

It's not just art, it's an experience that enhances your teams…

👉Communication and collaboratives skills

👉Leadership abilities

👉Planning and delegation


The Results: 🙌

Take a look at these two unique and individual artworks of ‘No Drama Llama’ that are ready to take pride of place in the office. 🖼️

Ready for your own creative challenge? 🚀 Email us at


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