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This YouTuber simply oozes creativity - if you need a double dose of positive vibes and happiness, here comes the self-proclaimed hype man and enthusiasm enthusiast! It’s always playtime in Kelly’s world and recently she has been using her own face as the playground!

Only recently jumping onto YouTube this year, but she has already gained over 1000+ followers by showcasing her fun make-up tutorials with a twist - aka Glow-ups using food or prosthetics or any other random bits and pieces she can get her hands on.

After recovering from a 10 year battle with an eating disorder, Kelly has come out the other side to find her true voice and power! With this new strength and courage to document her new passions and learnings in the hope of inspiring and empowering others who are on their respective journeys.


Pull up!! So here is the sound man who gets the party started - With the world going virtual he decided to take his talent online by hosting weekly DJ lockdown sessions via YouTube and Twitch.

Producing and playing all of your classic bangers with a heavy focus on Grime, House, UK Garage, Jungle, Drum and Bass and Dubstep mix. Basically, if you want it played - he can play it for you!

Go check out the vibes and remember to like, comment and subscribe if you want to hear more.


Do you like dinosaurs and other strange creatures? Well, look no further than Hannah this artist/illustrator. After recently rekindling her love of ink drawing (which is then converted to digital images), she has quickly developed a quirky and funny style of animal surrealism.

Her vivid imagination allows her to skillfully juxtapose strange and fictional beasts into playful, dream-like scenery. From ‘Darcey’ the dinosaur wearing ballerina pumps who is all dressed and ready for a lead performance in Swanosaurus Lake. To ‘Byron’ a giant offshore Shipraptor who wears full PPE (It makes no sense, and that’s why we love it!)

Commissions are available on request or her fave dinosaur designs have now been transformed into holographic stickers perfect to decorate and personalize laptops, windows, and more!

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