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💡💟 SIPPERS SHOUT OUT💡💟 @ARTSIPPERS New Feature to share the spotlight on other creatives and creator's who are grafting or crafting to bring their passion to life!! We see you and we support you on your journey's "Live by lifting others & sharing joy". 🤗

@Artlettart - Art Teacher👩‍🏫

By day an art teacher and by night she makes even more art!! Using watercolours to create one-off orignals of her handpainted Christmas Greeting Cards. This new range is available on Etsy and did we mention that ALL of the profits from here artworks are going to charity 💟 (You are simply a superstar!)

@Speakargram - Maths Teacher👨‍🏫

They say that public speaking is the most common fear 😮 So this creative has decided to try and combat this by helping others who also find it a struggle... Get some handy tips and tools to improve your verbal communication...which can boost confidence, competence and allow you to find your authentic voice 🗣 So that you are ready to take on your next online presentation/job interview or perhaps pitch your new business idea.💡

@_ByElizabeth - Maker 👜

After being diagnosed with PoTS and EDS at 13 it meant she was not being able to follow original plans of going to uni to study marine biology/zoology. With her health improving this year she gained the strength to launch her business making handmade leather and textile accessories...✂️ using offcuts of leather and finding a new purpose for them such as bookmarks, passport holders, earrings or upcycling leather jackets into bags.

@Slatershoots - Photographer📸

Creativity simply oozes from her imagery - whether it's landscapes, people... or products her attention to detail and uncanny ability to find texture and tone is simply magical 😍 Not surprising that her snaps are being picked up by editorial magazines left right and centre. This is why we say "When she shoots... she scores!" #Goal ⚽️

@ImogenBraithwaite - Actress 🎬

After being pushed by friends and family to finally get her stunning designs online to reach a larger audience ...and not just North London, she is here!!💫 And boy oh boy aren't we happy she's arrived to show off these unique stained glasses and painted glass designs!! Commission pieces are also available! We love 'em!!! (Maybe we are slightly biased as we have one of her pieces in our kitchen 😍)

Go check out and follow these creatives on their journey🚀💫


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