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💟 🤗 Sippers Family ✌️💟

After two plus years of online events... It was sooo good to finally meetup in the flesh with one of our fave sippers @kit_kat_cupcake🤗 🍫

We actually pinched each other to check that we were real. 😅 Kit-Kat has pretty much painted every night with us since the third virtual show we did back in 2020! Her collection of paintings is as big as ours! 🤯

It can feel a bit surreal to see virtual friends in real life... as you have only ever seen them as little pixels on a screen!💻 But our SIPPERS are family... so it also feels very comforting and warm. 🥰 @nl.4260@zoidsketches@jade_eex@zara_yvonne 😘

🎨🖌After the #Pride event we had some time to have a proper catchup over a sip (not the paint juice Nortey accidentally downed during the pack down) 😅 and a sippers supper! 😜

So grateful to all of our amazing sippers for the love and support 💟 who will we meet next?


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