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💟 Courage 💟 Imagine being tasked to come up with a new business idea, business plan or strategy. Knowing that if you get it wrong, you could potentially be fired! 😐

Hmmm... Well, this does not sound like a recipe that will inspire or encourage any creative thought. But rather the fear of failure with an added sprinkle of judgement will most likely stifle any imagination in its tracks.✋🛑

The ability to try new things and watch what works and what doesn't is part and parcel of the creative process. If there is no margin for trial and error - there is also no room for genius! 💫

You wouldn't expect a golfer to hit a hole in one every time ⛳or a footballer ⚽ to hit the target with every shot... So, why do companies expect this same level of precision from employees?

When you create ART there is no predetermined 'right' or 'wrong' answer. Having the flexibility and freedom to take on a task without perfectionism as the desired metric, allows TRUE invention to flourish. 🎯

"If you're not willing to fail you can't innovate. If you're not willing to build a vulnerable culture. YOU CAN'T CREATE!" Brené Brown (⬅️Watch full Ted Talk below on YouTube)

Ps. The word Imperfect says I'M PERFECT 😝💟


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