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Our Year In Numbers!

Time to turn the page of this chapter 📖...2020 was not the 'visionary' year that any of us had planned or imagined! Sometimes life's journey will not be straightforward or predictable... but where is the fun in predictable!🙃

We started the year not sure if our small business would become yet another casualty of the pandemic.😷 Equipped with nothing but our adapt or die spirit we managed to manoeuvre our services online within a few weeks.🌐

And as if by magic we started to find a whole new virtual community (scratch that!) we found a FAMILY🤗full of creatives of all ages that understood the power of ART to break down barriers in ourselves and others to make the world a better place.🌍

This was a year that shook us to our foundations... but we did not crumble!! (Instead we cried, we sobbed and we sipped lots😅🍷) Flashback to a hard day back in March when we had to cancel a whole year worth of events and refund all of our bookings.🚫😩

This pain forced us out of our comfort zone and made us try new things, like getting in front of the camera😳🎥 We decided to adjust to the 'new normal' and break the inevitable cycle of eat, sip, netflix, repeat.🍿😅

ART SIPPERS LIVE📺 was born with the hope of bringing people and families together during lockdown to help with loneliness, mental health and general wellbeing.😊 And after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response and feedback from YOU SIPPERS we knew we had to keep this going!🚀

Looking back we are ever so grateful to be given this time and opportunity to reprioritise our values and mission. Which has always been to help people find and develop creative confidence through our non-judgemental experiences.💟

The most valuable lesson we learnt from 2020 was the true importance of human connection, gratitude and patience. "Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain anything is possible." - Mandy Hale💫

What lessons have you learned from last year? 💌


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Heather Walt
Heather Walt
Aug 19, 2021

Great reading

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