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🎨🖌🥂💟 NorteyPitcher #ValentinesDayChallenge Here’s our story 🎨🖌💟🥂

How’d you guys meet?

We met at a training day at work 👨🏿‍💼👩🏼‍💼

First Date: Natural History Museum/Science Museum🏫

How long have you been together: Nortey made it official after sipping LOTS of port🍷 after our walk around the Christmas market in Edinburgh Dec 2013 this was one year after we first met (He says he can’t remember doing it… so we’re basically not official🤔)

Married: Nope (Still waiting for Nortey to ask me!! nudge, nudge... hint, hint)💍

Age difference: 3 Years 🕝

Who was interested first: 10000% Pitcher…. We met in a training session for a job and I could sense Pitcher staring at me in the distance… (She wanted the chocolate treats!🍫)

To be fair we actually didn't speak with each other that day…. I was just in a massive rush to head to another meeting. (She still calls me RUDE for not saying hello till this day😅)

Who is taller: Nortey 6ft 1 vs 5ft 7 ↕️

Who said I love you first: I think it might have been Nortey!! (after a few cheeky sips on his birthday!) 🍾🍾🍾

Most impatient: Ooooh Pitcher but Nortey is a close second (Pitcher tries to finish mine and other people’s sentences ALL the time ...she is that impatient) 🙄

Loudest: Nortey… You can hear him coming!! (Get your mind out of the gutter) 👀😅

Most stubborn: Nortey… not even close 😑

Falls asleep first: Nortey whenever we watch a film he passes out before it ends #DogTired #TheGreenMile💚

Cooks better: Oooooh we are both pretty handy in the kitchen... Well, that’s if we have the time or the correct ingredients to actually make something that’s edible.😅💟

Better morning person: Neither of us!!! (Bed is like heaven)😍🤗

Better driver: 10000000% Nortey (Warning please NEVER get in a car with Pitcher… she drives like a woman possessed!!)🚗🛑

Most competitive: Both of us are really competitive… From board games to Blackjack or Words with Friends neither of us wants to let the other win if we can help it. Friendly competition is healthy right!! 🏅😉

Funniest: Is that really even a question - Nortey hands down (He wrote this obviously!) 🤣

Where do you eat out most as a couple? Anywhere with variety… and a good dessert selection (Sticky toffee pudding/Chocolate fudge cake)🎂

Who is more social? Nortey… Such a social butterfly 🦋

Where was your first kiss? Newcastle… Good times... Way ay Man! 😉

Who initiated your first kiss? Nortey (Blame it on the al al al alcohol) 🍾🍾🍾 #PatternEmerging👀

Do you get flowers often? Not enough! Cough cough (Sort it out Nortey) Oi I have hayfever that’s why💐😅

Plans date night? Both of us… We are both really bad at scheduling time-off to sort out date nights. But we have started date day walks every Saturday now which is nice.🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏼‍♀️💟 #Nature

Who picks where you go to dinner? Nortey - because Pitcher is the most INDECISIVE human ever! (No seriously this is not a joke!) 😩😐

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Pitcher… but Nortey has become a lot better at this one lately - Think it's our competitive spirit coming out again. 🏆

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Nortey… but let’s not tell him it’s actually me 🙃

Who has more tattoos? We both have none actually, but Nortey really wants to get some ink. Funnily last year we made a pact to get matching tattoos when we make our first million #YingYang ☮️

Who sings better? We actually are both pretty decent in the shower - Nortey was a little choir boy and used to have a voice of an angel before his voice broke (that’s what he tells me anyway)🎤🎶

Hogs the remote? Nortey - because Pitcher has no idea how to use it. She literally spends 5mins working out where the Netflix icon is located.🎮

Spends the most money? Nortey… but we are both minimalist hippies at heart so we don't really spend that much on stuff apart from art materials, books (that don't get read) food, chocolate and CAAAAKE (we love a good sponge!) 🎂🎂🎂

Did you go to the same school? Nope… that would have been a bit too intense. 😬

Where is the furthest you two have travelled together? New Zealand - Pitcher’s sister lives out there! #Auckland 🏔️

Stay Safe 🔒Stay Creative 🖌️

NorteyPitcher 👨🏿‍🎨👩🏼‍🎨

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