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Never Hyde away from Opportunities 🙌💟😍🥂

Maybe it was fate… A few weeks ago after Googling the term “a stroke of genius”💡 (I thought this could be a good name for a Podcast in the future 💭) The search results popped up… Doug Hyde and his artworks. I had never heard of him before or seen his paintings. 🖼 But, even more baffling …It stated that he was 'one of the UK’s most popular contemporary artists.’ 😳 Well… It was soon obvious why! There was something almost nostalgic and heartwarming about his characters… and that playful trademark smile made me stop, pause and reflect. After learning about his past… I found that we had some interesting similarities… Both of us were paperboys at a young age… 🗞🚴‍♀️ And we were shelf-stackers during our early years at supermarkets (big up my Safeway crewdem 👌😅) Doug Hyde has a innate ability to capture the simple everyday moments 📸 This is 100% intentional... as he uses his paintings like pages in a diary, filled with cherished memories. He often notes that "The most important things in life are not things; they are moments." 💕 The genius called Josie Anna Pitcher went off to research Doug’s works and inspired by his paintings created her own masterpiece called ‘HYDE AND SEEK JOY’ for our Sippers family event on Friday. 🎨 Little did we know, Doug Hyde was going to be unveiling ‘One Love’, his major new collection of pop art- inspired originals, classic editions, and statement sculptures in London White City (our neck of the woods) the day after our show. 📍 We had to pop down! It would be a chance to see his works in-person and maybe share our Sippers artworks too. 💑 Yesss... We did it!!! Luckily we got a chance to chat with Doug and find out more about his backstory, the meaning of the characters, his techniques and the creative process for making his iconic artworks. 🖌 What an amazing exhibition and the artworks are just like the man himself… genuine, positive and heartwarming! 😊 P.s He was very impressed with your paintings Sippers… and we even managed to gift him with his BERET own ART SIPPERS #BlueBeret 😛 Stay Curious. Stay Creative. 👨🏿‍🎨👩🏼‍🎨🦩 #OneLove

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