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Millie - Human Beauty Founder aka The Creative Crusader - Mental Health Awareness Week 🎨🖌️💄

Updated: May 18, 2023

🎨✨ The transformative power of art for mental health🧠🖌️

🌟 To kick off Mental Health Awareness Week, we teamed up with Human Beauty for a Makeup Therapy Party and to launch the @humanbeautyfoundation🍾💄

😁 Last year we met Millie Flemington- Clare, the inspiring founder behind Human Beauty - the world's first truly inclusive makeup brand.

🏥 Millie was born with a rare condition caller Cystinosis, which affects only 2,000 people worldwide! She mentioned how she discovered the magic of makeup as therapy during some of her toughest moments in hospital.

💫 During the really bad days, Millie would be seen putting on just a little bit of mascara to try and feel slightly more HUMAN.

💡This moment led to an idea and is now the driving force of Human Beauty and her mission to make makeup accessible to all.

💖 Human Beauty merges art and makeup seamlessly. Their "Makeup Therapy Palette" is like an adult colouring book, with eye shadows that come alive through visuals and audio descriptions with a QR code and the innovative "Liquid Confidence" mascara, designed for easy grip and use from every angle.

🌈 Inclusivity and accessibility are at the heart of Human Beauty, ensuring that no one is left out from the joy and therapeutic benefits of art.

💪 Just like us, Millie understands the incredible power of art to uplift, heal, and boost confidence, whether it's through painting on canvas or applying makeup.

✨ Now, a year later, we are honored to collaborate for the launch of The Human Beauty Foundation, offering a painting experience that delivers a powerful message and creates lasting memories for all who attended!

👏 Join us in cheering on Human Beauty as they grow into a leading beauty brand, and let's see what exciting and innovative products Millie adds to their portfolio!

🍹 Sips Caleño Drinks

📍 Venue Home Grown Club

Stay Curious. Stay Creative.


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