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Josie Pitcher turned redundancy into a ‘paint and sip experience’ that will brush away your stress

Having been made redundant after a 7 year stint in the events and promotions industry, Josie Pitcher hit a dead end. Refusing to let the worrying onset of unemployment get her down, she sat with partner Elliot to hatch a delicious and artsy plan.

After a lot of, as stated on their website, “sobbing, binge eating & Dragon's Den watching” the pair decided to “[combine] their life’s purpose with tackling the general wellbeing and mental health in the world.” How exactly? Painting classes. Painting classes with wine. 

Now there’s an idea.

Art Sipper’s founders, Elliot and Josie. © Art Sippers

Create a glorious and lighthearted painting, all whilst having a giggle over a tipple or two.

Art Sippers, launched in May 2019 with “a vision to relieve people of their daily stress and anxiety through engaging, social art events” has brought together men and women alike, to take a step back, create a glorious and lighthearted painting, all whilst having a giggle over a tipple or two. A glorious way to spend an evening if you ask me.

Whether you’re a creative or not, there have been multiple studies proving the effect of art as therapy, with Psychology Today stating that “art therapy helps children, adolescents, and adults explore their emotions, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and cope with a physical illness or disability.” Plus, throw a glass of vino (beer and non-alcoholic choices are on offer, too) in the mix, and you’ve got yourself a first class ticket out of stressville.

Mental health charity Mind also mention on their website that “lots of people find being creative really helps their mental health” and although this isn't a class specifically for therapy, you’re sure to find some benefits from picking up a brush and trying something new.

Meet lovely people in a warm and relaxed atmosphere

Josie’s resilience and bravery to take on a new challenge and start a business in these uncertain times is certainly impressive, but it can be a daunting thing to take on. Why not book a class? They’re currently based around West London so grab your pals and get sipping. You can find out more about Art Sippers here, as well as her social links to help her spread the word and get more people exploring a new way to wind down.

As Josie says, “it’s a place where you can catch up with friends or meet lovely people in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.” Canvases at the ready!

Feature image © Art Sippers

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