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It's the little relationships that matter. 🤗

Today marks the final day for our local postie Ranjit! Since moving into the area I would occasionally drop a few letters and parcels into the post office. 📮

Funnily I thought Ranjit disliked me at first... maybe because I took ages to sort out my post or maybe he just hated everyone! 😅 As, I usually witnessed him being somewhat irritated and annoyed by every customer.

After getting to know him personally over the course of a few years. His once grumpy demeanour quickly changed and became a warm smile, every time I entered.

During lockdown the post office became one of my most visited places, after redirecting the business to a direct to consumer model. 🎁 This meant he was one of only a few friendly faces that I got to interact with during this period.

I genuinely looked forward to our little chats and his wise words of encouragement - we even traded Christmas gifts last year. (The man has good taste in wine🍷)

It will be a shame to see him go! But I'll be very happy to see him go off to enjoy his retirement, away from us annoying customers! 💟

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