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Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Many of the team at Ishka: Aviation Finance had not picked up a paintbrush in years... or EVER before! 🖌️🎄

At the beginning of this creative experience you could feel the tension in the air, with several colleagues offering nervous glances at each other and wry smiles filled with anxiety. 😳

There was even one colleague who decided not show up in the morning, due to the fear of failure. 👀

✅ Change is a challenge

✅ Learning is a challenge

✅ Painting is a challenge

✅ Art Sippers is a challenge

Stepping out of your comfort zone is NOT easy, but through the process of creating art you can cultivate a growth mindset culture.

In 120 mins, we took these uncertain amateur artists on a transformational journey from Zero to Picasso. 🙌

The Result: Take a look at the unique 'Snow Good' Christmas artworks created by the team... perfect for any wall or festive decoration! 🖼️☃️

Are your employees ready for the #ARTSIPPERSCHALLENGE ? 🎨

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