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Google Commission 🙌🖌🖼

The confidence to say YES! 🙌😝🖌️

Last week we got our biggest commission ever from @google

The bigger challenge…

I had only 48 hours to complete it and not just one canvas… but x6 large bespoke pieces to create! 😬😳😨

Before starting ART SIPPERS 4 years ago, there would have been NO WAY I would have agreed to this. 🙅

My anxiety and self-doubt would have flared up like an irritating heat rash, followed by a looong and extensive list of EXCUSES and REASONS why this was an impossible task. 😐

💭 "I’m not capable of doing that many artworks!"

💭 "What if I fail to complete it in time?"

💭 "What if they don’t like my creations?"

💭 "F*ck, what if I don't like it!?" etc, etc...

All of these negative voices would have sent me into a merry-go-round of criticism and cynicism about my own abilities and talent.

This spiral would inevitably lead me to miss out on this incredible opportunity. 🥲

But… if there is one thing that I have learned by painting over 500+ paintings in the past few years... 🙃🎨

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t... you’re right” - Henry Ford 💪

By doing the ‘creative reps’ for over 4 years, I have formed a new creative habit of discipline and consistency, which over time has given me the ability to be able to churn out paintings week after week... Even if I am not in the mood for it (which is a lot of the time!) 😅🤣

This daily and weekly practice has gradually built up my creative-confidence muscle to FINALLY say YES! 🙌😝🖌️

P.s Big love to Nortey who secured this cheeky commission and for his constant support and belief in me. 😘💟


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