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From Hesitant to Confident: Why You Should Share Your Artwork 🎨🖌️

It’s common to feel self-conscious and insecure about sharing creative work. 👀

Funny that we are happy to share personal snaps of our holidays, food and even our pets.

But when it comes to our own creations… Absolutely Nothing! 😐

When we share our creativity, we open ourselves up to constructive feedback, support, and encouragement.

These little interactions can help us grow as artists and inspire us to continue creating.

And it gives us the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and acknowledge the hard work we've put into our pieces.

ART SIPPERS believe in the importance of shipping your art.

That's why we've created the #ARTSIPPERSCHALLENGE, a three-step process designed to help you overcome your fear of sharing your artwork.

💥 First, take a picture of your before canvas.

💥 Next, take a picture of your after canvas.

💥 Finally, share your painting with a family member, colleague or a friend… and if you are feeling EXTRA daring, why not pop it up on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and overcome THE FEAR of sharing?


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