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BOOO-sting Creative-Confidence this Halloween

Last Friday our SIPPERS family got together virtually for a FANG-tastic night to get into the Halloween spirit.

The TRICKY-TREAT of the night was painting "Basqui-ART" a piece inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Armed with big brushes and bold colours, our guests let loose and created abstract, expressive pumpkin paintings, the results were SPOOK-tacular!

As the paintings came together on the screens, it was clear everyone let their imaginations run wild. We saw pumpkins done in moody blues and deep oranges, splattered with paint for a textured look. Others went with cleaner lines and graphic shapes. No two paintings were alike, but they all captured the playful, avant-garde style of Basquiat.

Adding in the Halloween twist made this paint and sip workshop extra special as we got to see our SIPPERS dressed up in their Halloween costumes. The energy was electric, even through the screens!

Online painting classes like this Basqui-ART workshop allow people to tap into their creative side in a fun, low-pressure environment. It's a great way to pick up a new skill and make art from the comfort of your own home.

Upcoming workshops include Van Gogh inspired pieces and a Winter wonderland special.

At ART SIPPERS we offer one off online painting classes for adults, or the option to join our membership and paint twice a month LIVE!

Haven't got the creative tools? Head to our website to grab your creative gift box jammed packed with everything you need, including the sips and snacks!

Don't miss out on the creative treats we have in store. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for announcements on new challenges and artworks.

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