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If you are right… Why does it feel so wrong!? 🧠

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I’m talking about the brain…

The theory is that people are either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of their brain is more dominant than the other.

Growing up I used to pride myself as a ‘lefty’ aka someone who leaned more towards a logical and critical approach. I even used to call myself Mr Knowledge! Yes, don’t judge me, it was my self-assigned poker pseudonym… (because knowledge was power… cringe!) 😅

Studies show that many companies seem to have a strong leaning towards lefty’s in the workplace - Of course it makes ‘rational’ sense, as this approach is highly structured and analytical which can be clearly objectified and backed with statistical data to corroborate any findings. 📊

Even though this data-driven decision making is ideal for efficiency and productivity, it can alienate those employees who prefer to ‘feel’ their way around problems with tacit knowledge, which relies on a more holistic or nuanced approach for discernment with intuitive pattern recognition and trusting your gut. 🤔

Characteristic of right brain thinkers:

✅ Creative & artistic

✅ Free thinker

✅ Imaginative

✅ Guided by feeling and intuition

✅ High emotional intelligence

✅ Visual spatial learner

Not a natural right side of the brain thinker? Why not try these methods to exercise your muscle:

👉 Practice mindful activities, like yoga or art or dance.

👉 Try using your non-dominant hand for writing.

👉 Breathing through your left nostril, this can also help to activate your right brain.

Concentrating on these activities allows you to quieten the logical and over critical part of the mind allowing you to explore and play without judgement, which can stimulate creativity - leading to deeper insights and new found perspectives. 🙃

Understanding that both sides of the brain have many pros and cons, if you are able to blend these two cognitive groups together, you might be able to create neurodiversity within your teams and organisation to produce true ART and innovation. 🚀

P.s after working on ART SIPPERS for 3 years I've come to notice my slightly irrational and out of the box nature in formulating creative ideas and strategies… Guess, that I am a righty after all! 💡

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