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Alco-Wholesome: Can sipping make you more creative? 😁🖌💡🍷

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

👉 A cheeky glass of wine with dinner.

👉 A cheeky beer while watching the footy.

👉 A cheeky cocktail to unwind after work.

For many, alcohol is a beloved part of our social rituals and everyday relaxation. 😌

But did you know… a cheeky sip can increase your creative ideas? 🤯

Yep, a recent study in 2020 suggests that low levels of alcohol might reduce our inhibitions and anxiety, allowing more creative ideas to flow. 👌

“When participants reached a 0.075% blood alcohol level (this is around 3 drinks in 2hours for the average adult) - they actually performed better on creative problem-solving tasks compared to when they were sober.” 🙌🍾🥂

BUT… before you go rushing off to the nearest bar for “inspiration” 🏃‍♂️💨

The benefits of booze were modest with just a 10-15% increase over sober levels…

And if you went above that ‘sweet-spot’, it caused creativity to quickly deteriorate - impairing judgement, co-ordination and decision-making. 😯

While a small amount of alcohol (aka little sips) may reduce stress and loosen lips and hips… it is NOT a magical creativity serum! 🤔🚫

Rather than prescribing alcohol there are many healthy ways to stimulate your imagination that don't require a drink:

🌳 Taking a walk and enjoying nature's beauty

🏋‍♂️ Gentle exercise

🎵 Listening to music

🧘‍♀️ Meditation

So, the next time you crave a glass of wine or beer to get that EXTRA dose of courage, confidence or creativity…

Remember that moderation and mindfulness are the key. 😉

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