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Since starting ART SIPPERS almost 3years ago I have come to understand that anyone who says that running a business is ‘easy’ is an out and out liar or is probably trying to sell me a ‘sure thing’ pyramid scheme. 😅

Nobody told me that running a small business would feel like taking part in a David Attenborough wildlife documentary. Yes, everyday is a battle to survive, but thankfully there are no waves of snakes biting at my torso during my daily commute. 🐍

Business is very similar to nature and just like the little lizard, you have to get comfortable with uncomfortable situations to constantly challenge and conquer your fears. If you are able to learn quickly from past mistakes and adapt to your surroundings, it might just be possible that you can make it through this journey. 🚀

To all the small-business owners or wannabe entrepreneurs, I salute you for your courage. P.s keep it moving! 💟

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