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Are you ready to take The ART SIPPERS Challenge?


Create a masterpiece in minutes with our online art tutorial.


Can't draw a stick figure? No problem, we've got you!


Follow along with the simple step-by-step instructions from NorteyPitcher and go from Zero to Picasso using all the art materials from inside your ART SIPPERS gift box!


Haven't got an ART SIPPERS box? Head to our shop to grab one before you start, or alternativly use your own art supplies!


This art tutorial was previously recorded live during one of our Friday night shows. So, even though you'll be watching later, it should still feel pretty immersive and interactive.


You also have the added bonus of painting at your own pace since you'll be able to pause, rewind, or skip forward anytime you need!


This option is PERFECT for the SIPPERS who can't make our live Friday shows, but still want to take on the creative challenge and build their confidence.


Please note:

This is a digital product. Once purchased, you'll receive details on how to access the art tutorial via email, so double check you enter the correct one!


If you have an ART SIPPERS gift box, be sure to enter the PROMO CODE at checkout to receive free access.


If you are using your own art materials, please make sure to have the following materials ready:

  • 12"x9" (or A4) Canvas or Canvas Paper

  • Acrylic Paints 

  • Paintbrushes (Big, Medium & Small)

  • Pencil/Eraser

  • Paint Palette

  • Palette Knife (if you have one)

  • Tap water to wash brushes

  • Paper towel

  • Your favourite drink to sip on while you paint!


Since this was originally a live session, there were some prize giveaways you can't win now. But you can still play along and shout out answers to the jokes and fun facts!


The best part? You still have a chance to win... Once your masterpiece is complete, snap a pic and tag @artsippers + #ARTSIPPERSCHALLENGE on social media to enter to win our Gold Membership worth £149.99!


We look forward to seeing what you create!


Sip Sip Beret!


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