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Your well-being is a priority. Does your employer prioritise yours? ⚖

Companies are beginning to respond to growing employee demand for new perks and incentives in areas such as remote work, flexible hours, four-day work weeks and more.

The cultural shift towards rebalancing our work-life has accelerated since the pandemic started. This has prompted a renewed focus on mental health 'with more than three-quarters of employers citing mental and behavioural issues as the main focus to improve workers well-being over the next three years' according to a survey by Willis Towers Watson.

To keep up with the growing trend, various companies are now aligning mindful perks and offerings to staff which include access to therapists, coaching, meditation apps and wellness activities. 🎨🖌️

What perks or incentives do you get for working at your company that have contributed to your overall well-being? 💟

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