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You SIPPERS are simply amazing.... over the last few hours the Go Fund Me 'Community Love & Support' campaign has gone over the mark we had hoped for... Now raising a grand total of £1,042 💫 Yes, I know we didn't unfortunately hit our TOP target... and some of you are sad that you won't get to see me👨🏿‍🎨 or The Stanton👨🏻in the buff😅#LifeDrawing🖌. This is why we have decided to donate 100% of the money to the NHS! 🌈👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ ⠀

We can't thank all of you lovely humans enough🤗 for supporting us in a time when it's hard for everyone! Our@ARTSIPPERSjourney to this point has been a bit of a rollercoaster and we appreciate all of you for joining us on this epic ride!! 🎢#SipSipHooray🥂⠀

Extra Love & Hugs To You SIPPERS 🤗💟 (A few anonymous donations came in too, we appreciate you!)⠀

Kathryn Aresti|Louise McLean|Chlôe Glover|Olimpia Arista|Faye Shortall|Mary Hughes|Judith Mcinally|Sarah Mac Crossan|Hannah Blewett|Eleanor Letek|Polly Evans|Bev Lung|Libbie Watson|Amy Preston|Rachael Evans|Kate Braithwaite|Gemma Kelly|Katie Wise|Diana Collins|Emma Furness|Jolanta Klimczak|Halima Jafari|Kudzai Chiwereza||Tamarin Giez|Tess HiltonAmy Day|Aimee Hurved|Kerry McInally|Clare McAuley|Marina Lewis-King|Judith Mcinally|Tamarin Giez|Davina Boolaky|Lauren Gourley|Maxine Cooper|Ilhem Oubaiche|Polly Evans|Kate Imogen|Jonny Gibson|Sarah Wilde|Jo Penter|Lauren Adams|Christine Jenkins|Naomi Wharton|Aman Bagri|Patrycja Kant|Stephanie Leigh|Emma Slater|Kevin Doherty|Rachel Martin|Shaun Honan|Santoshi Padhiar|Kudzai Chiwereza|Alice Cust-Hughes|Elise M|George Holder|Rebecca Phillips|Nicole Bailey|Serena Hillier|Tommy Hatwell|Gabija Norkaityte|Madeleine Fairley|Ashleigh Brown|Anisha Doshi|Faye Shortall|Victoria Fernandes|Hali Qureshi|Parveen Moghim|Anisha& Laura Doshi|Joseph McWilliam|Chelsea Hipwood|Ella Pfeiffer|Sarah Alphonse💫⠀


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