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We are back from a lovely time at @ideas_fest 💡

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

So grateful to be mentioned in the highlights of the event too! 💟 Can't thank the team at Ideas Fest enough who worked with us to make this all happen. 👨🏿‍🎨👩🏼‍🎨


We had such a good time with everyone over the past 2 days! Thank you to all of our amazing speakers and attendees who made it so wonderful! 😎💕

Here are just some of our highlights from day 2!

We had the fantastic public speaking workshop & @artsippers' Painting Experience!

As well as some wonderful conversations with @GarethThomasofficial, @JohnCaudwell & @Steven

Keep an eye on our social media over the next few weeks for more content from the fest and for announcements! 👀 #repostandroid#repostw10

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