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Virtual 'experiences' are the future! 🤖

With Facebook reinventing the company to Meta it's taking a massive bet on virtual 'experiences' being the new reality for the public.

Mark Zuckerberg foresees the internet as a 3D virtual living space, where individuals dip in and out, interacting with one another in real-time.

Even if many millennials prefer the idealism of the nostalgic past. The world is undoubtedly becoming more digital every year with many consumers favouring convenience and accessibility.

With the rise of remote-working, plus, the public seeking affordable entertainment, our virtual experiences with our at-home art kits, have become a popular team building and social activity within the market. 🎨🖌🍸

@ArtSippers believe this trend will continue to expand and grow. Forecasts show the at-home digital experiences market dubbed the ‘insperience economy’ has exploded over the last 4years and research revealed that over a third of UK consumers will continue to invest in at-home 'experiences' post-pandemic. The top reasons given are that they are fun (27%) and they help consumers manage their time more efficiently. (31%) - Source Barclays

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