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The Confidence to Stand Out 💥

I’ve been there… afraid of standing out, conforming to the social norms.

Blending in feels sooo much safer - especially in the vulnerable younger years when then there's loads of peer pressure! 😅

I was reminded of this feeling recently when my neighbour's son proudly showed off his new colourful trainers…

Only to chuck them away a day later (and replace them with 'better' branded ones) after his schoolmates called them "fake Jordans." 😔

Seeing this brought up old memories of hiding parts of myself in order to fit in.

I started thinking about the long term impacts this habit of camouflaging had on me:

- Lost touch of who I was and what I loved

- Lost my authentic vision and voice

- Lacked confidence in being ME

It wasn’t until I started CREATING again that I started to find the confidence to stand out. 💟

I noticed, when I make art, write, or work on creative projects, I’m forced into a journey of self-discovery and growth. 🌱

The Creative Process helps me:

- Gain confidence in sharing my own vision and voice

- Detach my self-worth from external validation

- Rediscover lost parts of myself

By repeatedly exercising my creative muscle, I’ve built the confidence to be authentically ME! 💪

So if you lack confidence in your own skin, try creating something… anything! Write, paint, build! 🖌

It doesn’t have to be perfect. The simple act of creating will transform you in unexpected ways.

It may even give you the confidence to stand out and wear some quirky ‘uncool’ trainers! 💥 👟

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