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As people around the world find ways to keep social distancing. Having a digital workplace is completely revolutionising the way we interact, engage and carry out our business during this pandemic. 👨‍💻👩‍💻

Though there are many advantages to this always connected, instant access, fast and efficient work environment. We are finding that many employees who are working from home are struggling with feeling detached and disconnected from their colleagues.👫🏻👬🏽👫🏻

With remote working reducing our travel time to and from work. Many reports have shown vast numbers of employees are working for extended periods during the day, in unsociable or solitary environments without adequate or zero breaks.

This digitization of our workforce is fundamentally changing how we handle work, relationships, and everything in between. With that in mind it may be time to rethink our out-dated team building strategy to match this ever changing environment.

Virtual Team building activities can be a great solution for remote teams to keep employees engaged, make them feel valued and on task during this challenging period.

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