Summer Party 2019 vs 2021 💻🎨🖌🍸

This was a special moment two years ago when we managed to get our first-ever corporate booking with Sovrn Holdings, Inc.

After putting our dreams and limited savings into creating a business it was imperative to find some clients who would actually trust and believe in the value of our creative service.

Proud to say that even with the minor hiccup of 2020 ART SIPPERS have now gone onto work with over 50+ companies, but you will never forget your first!

So, it was amazing to go full circle and get the opportunity to host the Sovrn Holdings, Inc. employees once again, for a special virtual team social.

Thank you for believing in our small business. 🚀

#SmallBusiness #CorporateWellbeing #TeamSocial #Creativity #ArtSippers

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