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💟🍸 SIP OF THE WEEK 💟🍸 @Espralalife

The goal was to create a lightly sparkling soft drink that was low in sugar but still deliciously fruity and refreshingly tasty...And I think they might just have cracked it! 😝 ( Click here ⬅️ to hear us chat with the founder Imran 🗣)

A lightly fizzy apple🍎 & red plum flavour drink filled with natural boosting botanicals such as Green Tea and Guarana which gives you a refreshing and unique taste. Plus with no added sugar, no preservatives and only 40 calories per can you can enjoy a guilt-free sip at every occasion! 💫

Start your fruitful journey of discovery today!

💟 SIPPERS LOVE 💟 - Use Code 'SIPPERS25' to get 25% off your order - (On Amazon*24 Pack)

Good news! 🎉Esprala will be included in each Virtual Experience Box this month + a cheeky gin 🎁

How to make an Esprala & Gin cocktail:🍸😍

1. Grab a cocktail shaker + Add Ice ❄

2. Add 200ml of Esprala

3. Add 12.5ml lime juice

4. Shake for 20 seconds

5. Pour into a glass large glass

6. Add 50ml of Dry Gin + Stir

7. Garnish with some crushed ice and garnish with berries and a sprig of mint. #SipSipHooray😍

Quick Sip Fact:🤓⠀

It started way back in the kitchen. ‘Reduced Sugar’ soft drinks just didn’t give Imran the same enjoyment. So we decided to create a better alternative. And after months of researching ingredients and flavour combinations, and endless tasting sessions…ESPRALA was born in 2019!💫

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