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Our first Live On Location (LOL) in Hastings!

We love travelling and exploring other countries and cultures... 🧳

So when we decided to start a business back in 2019, it had always been our intention to be able to move around with it. ✈️

Friday's online event fell on Pitcher's younger sister's 30th birthday 🎂... So it was either miss the party... 😕 or our chance to give LOL a try!

Okay, we know it was only in Hastings and not the Bahamas. 😅


This weeks show was a little test to see if it would actually work!

Could we get our online show up and running without too much faff? Somewhere outside of our tiny flat?

The answer was YES! 🙌🏼

As per normal we didn't make it easy for ourselves (or our Sippers) by choosing one of the most difficult painting challenges so far - 'THE TEAL LADY' #Sorry 😑

But we MOVE! 💪

It always feels odd and slightly unsettling to try something different or new... but that is where we find the most growth. 🌱

Without pain(t) there there isn't any progress to the bigger picture! 🖼

So let's keep it moving!

2019 - ART SIPPERS in pubs & bars ✅️

2020 - ART SIPPERS online ✅️

2023 - ART SIPPERS on the road ✅️

It was nice to receive an Obby - Rethink Learning customer review after the show too... Brucie Bonus!

Stay Curious. Stay Creative.


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