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Look at the blank canvas, feel the fear and surprise yourself! 🎨🖌

It’s not a secret that confidence is a huge asset. It boosts motivation and resilience and reduces stress and anxiety, all of which accelerate academic and professional success, whilst boosting personal growth. 📈

So why do we all seem to lack confidence in our abilities?

When hosting the team at Sanofi we asked if anyone was feeling either anxious or nervous at painting the ‘BEE-utiful Bee’ artwork and it was no surprise when about 80% of the participants in the room raised their hand very tentatively. 💁‍♂️

Growing up our teachers, friends, siblings, parents, and even the media send us positive and negative messages about ourselves. For some reason, the message that ‘you are not good enough’ is the one that stays with us through the years.

When our confidence is low, we slip into negative self-talk. Our inner dialogue becomes clouded with doubts and judgements, sabotaging us from the inside out. 😑

Painting is a great way to challenge these initial thoughts and perceptions about ourselves and through our step-by-step creative process we are able to change the narrative that has been created in our own minds. 🧠

Confidence can shape the way we communicate and navigate in the real world, so there is no bigger reward to watch our guests go from...

“I cant paint”…to “I can’t believe I made this!” 🙌🏆

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