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The words we use to speak to ourselves can either open up possibilities or prevent us from experiencing a world of opportunity. 📈

It’s funny, by just adding the word 'yet' to any negative statement about our ability to do something, we are telling our brain a very different story, one that is based on potential rather than fear. 😳

Many people believe that creativity is a talent that you're either born with or not, but that's not entirely true. 🚫

Creativity can be developed and nurtured like any other skill, just like learning how to drive a car. (I passed my test on my 2nd attempt 😅)

A key factor in developing this valuable asset is by having a growth mindset. 💪

What is a growth mindset?

In simple terms as defined by psychologist Carolyn Dweck, it's the belief that abilities can improve with effort, while a fixed mindset is the belief they cannot change.

This finding should give us ALL a bit of hope, especially those who consider themselves “not creative the creative type.”

Of course, this cognitive strategy does not mean that you will now go on to become the next Picasso, or Basquiat 🎨

...but with this handy bit of knowledge under your belt, you might be more likely to take on risks and try new creative projects, without the dreaded fear of failure.

Are you a person who says "I can't?" 👀

Maybe the next time you face a difficult task or challenge...

You will consider saying “I can’t, yet?” 🚀

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