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It’s easy to forget…

You were born curious, with wide eyes of wonder.

You were born confident, with any stumble you picked yourself back up.

You were born creative, with imagination taking you on wild adventures. 


You stopped asking questions.

You stopped exploring.

You stopped trying new things.

The world told you that you had to be realistic and practical.

That you had to follow the rules and stay in your lane.

That you were just a small person in a big world and that your voice didn't matter.

That is a load of bullsh💩

Remember who you are… “Go back to your Genius” 🎨🖌

📺 Watch: The Greatest Night in Pop is now streaming on Netflix - Check out this behind the scenes documentary of music's biggest creatives collaborating to sing "We Are the World." 🎵

*Disclaimer - I do not own nor claim to own the rights to any of the Netflix content shared.*


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