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Do schools kill creativity? 💭

In his groundbreaking TED Talk, the late Sir Ken Robinson made a bold statement: "schools kill creativity". 🎨

One of the key points that Sir Ken Robinson makes is that mistakes and accidents are essential for learning and innovation. He argued that the current education system is too focused on getting the "right" answers, which discourages creativity and risk-taking.

To cultivate a culture of true innovation and creativity, we must embrace the concept of "happy little accidents," famously phrased by Bob Ross, as invaluable opportunities for growth and discovery.💡

Unfortunately we often get educated out of our natural creativity from a young age… we are taught to assimilate and conform to a certain set of rules and expectations, stifling our natural instincts for exploration and experimentation.

This is particularly true in art, which has traditionally been relegated to the bottom of the education system hierarchy since the industrial revolution - with STEM subjects again being preferred and praised in higher education. (Rishi Sunak's recent maths pledge follows this same old rhetoric)

Yet, the Gen Z generation is beginning to disrupt this tradition and there are several signs there might just be a new creative revolution underway…

With the rise of platforms like TikTok and the emergence of AI-generated art and Chat GPT, we are seeing a new era of creativity that is breaking down traditional boundaries and challenging old assumptions.

This emerging creative economy is being fuelled by a desire for individualism, self-expression and a passion to connect with others around the world in new and exciting ways.

Even with all of these new advances many will continue to overlook and disregard the arts, possibly missing out on this wave of creative opportunity.

In the end, if we truly want to unlock the full potential of our schools, businesses and our society as a whole, we must be willing to unlearn our programming of years gone by and re-connect with the natural creativity that is within us all. 🚀

Do you think schools kill creativity? 💭

P.s if you want to see the full TedTalk:

(Pretty sure, I spotted Jeff Bezos laughing in the audience... Let me know if you see it too).

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