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💙💫 Could This Be The Bluest Monday Ever? 💙💫 #PrioritiseYou⠀

⠀January 18th or the now re-named #BlueMonday is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year!😑⠀

Due to the end of the festive Christmas period, bitterly cold weather🥶 Mixed with dark mornings, early nights and many tried but failed New Years Resolutions... Ohh yeah plus the added FUN of a global pandemic!!🌍😩🤯⠀

Prioritising our mental health should no longer be a taboo! Focusing on self-care should be a daily conversation in the heart of the community.🤗💟 #SelfCareIsntSelfish

However, if you really do want to improve your general wellbeing and state of mind. Here are a few ways to get you out of the January funk!!😑

Stay Safe🔒 Stay Creative 🖌


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