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🐟 The average goldfish attention span: 9 seconds

👤The average human attention span: 8.25 seconds... this number is 4.25 seconds less than in the year 2000, according to recent studies.

Could technology be interfering with our ability to concentrate?

Perhaps! Evidence suggests that 67% of us have a reduced ability to complete simple tasks after switching our attention between social media, smartphones, tablets, TV, or other media. 📺

Even a quick glimpse to check a Whatsapp message or watching an impressive dancing cat TikTok video in between tasks shows that it can take up to… 23 minutes to refocus after checking your phone! 🤳

In our age full of distraction, having the discipline to apply intentional focus to one task is one of the most valuable skills in our economy, but recently it has become increasingly rare. 💎

This is why it is a muscle that we need to work on daily! Especially, as it's not uncommon for our distraction devices to be the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see before closing our eyes at night. 😴

Cal Newport states in his book ‘Deep Work’ that for any of us “to produce at your peak level you need to work for extended periods with full concentration on a single task free from distraction.”

This approach reduces anxiety and has the added benefit of feeling accomplished when completing a meaningful task. 🙌🏿

Here are a few mindful activities to exercise and restore your intentional focus:

✅ Daily Journaling

✅ Drawing or Painting

✅ Meditation

✅ Do a brain teaser or puzzle

✅ Use the Pomodoro Technique

✅ Read fiction or non-fiction books

P.s. Attention is the new currency, so if you have managed to get to the end of this post - thank you for this priceless exchange of time. 🙏🏿💟

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