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Employees Who Create Together Stay Together


The impact of art in the workplace is regularly underestimated. Sprinkles of colour in a painting can adjust the mood of a meeting room or a simple unique piece of artwork can provide a focal talking point in a bland corporate space. However, would CREATING art be able to directly affect the productivity of employee well-being? It appears the answer is yes!

Creativity is no longer a side dish for organisations; in fact, there is an expanding measure of studies that have discovered whatever the profession, bringing creativity into the workplace has various benefits. Not only does creating art allow us to make a bonding experience with others, which eases collaboration, it can also encourage individuals to value diverse thinking from numerous perspectives. 

We've made a list of the 5 main reasons why every business should try to incorporate some form of creative opening for their employees.

1) Benefits of Arts-Based Workshops

Activities, such as drawing, painting and sculpting are relaxing and rewarding hobbies which can calm the rational brain and stir the instinctive mind, enabling collaboration and understanding to happen. 

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

2) Better Teamwork and Bonding 

Most forms of creativity are not competitive. Unlike math, there is no one correct answer in art, which decreases the possibility of rivalry in the workplace and urges teams to cooperate.Creating art increases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine has been called the “motivation molecule.” which can give teams that added boost, focus, and concentration at work.

3) Creativity Encourages Problem-Solving

Art encourages creative thinking and lets you come up with your own unique ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions. Visual art trains us to concentrate on details and pay more attention to your environment, allowing us to see more details about a theme or problem. It has been claimed - entrepreneurs, leaders, inventors and artists all have fantastic observation skills. 

4) Creativity Helps To Find The Success In Failure

This is one of our preferred benefits of creativity. We as a whole realise that in business not all things go to plan. However, we usually panic at the thought of making any bold decisions, due to the fear of being branded as 'wrong'! 

In contrast with art, you fully encouraged to be brave and embrace new ideas and new techniques, to reach your desired outcome. And if these choices do not go to plan, you always have the ability to quickly learn from your mistakes and make it work. 

“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” - Ken Robinson

5) Creativity Relieves Stress

An ever-increasing number of individuals are attempting to incorporate creativity into their life in view of its calming impact. At the point when the workload gets substantial in the workplace, it might be hard to save time for a calming creative outlet.

Studies show the importance of interjecting mini moments of mindfulness into the office space; such as board games, books or crafts where representatives can directly access them. It can enable employees to switch off from the stress of work and return from their breaks refreshed and prepared to take on the day. 

In the event that you need a simple approach to get your team creativity and bonding, here at ART SIPPERS, you can take art classes and workshops. We have a scope of corporate team building packages which can operate in any place suits you, regardless of whether it's at the workplace or a local bar or restaurant.  Our principle ethos here at ART SIPPERS is making creativity open to everybody, regardless of their previous experience.

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