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ALL THE B’S BRUNCH… Boats, Brushstrokes & Bridesmaids! 🙌🛥🥂💍 #HenParty

We do love a FERRY-tale 💕

But, hosting a PAINT and SHIP experience on a moving boat!? 😳

We were KNOT really SHORE… if it was a good idea 👀

It might just be too much of an OAR deal 🛶


Well, it’s not like us to give into PIER PRESSURE 🚫

But the decision was made…

Let's take the risk and SEA how it goes! 🌊

Luckily for our first experience it was FERRY impressive 🚢

Some might say it was off the HOOK 🪝

P.s. can you tell that I love boat puns a YACHT! 🛥😅🤣

🧭 Are you feeling a bit NAUTI?

... Don’t be an ANCHOR ⚓️🤭

💌 Book your private paint and ship experience: 🦩

It's a-BOAT time! 😝


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