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Before all the madness... safe to say we didn't look like this at the end!🤪

Notting Hill Carnival has always been such a positive uplifting vibe. 💕

As seen earlier we joined the NHC j'ouvert early on Sunday morning for the crazy paint powder party! This was completely free, you just bring your paints and don't wear your best! 😅 #BabyWiiiipes

Around 11am we joined a mas band. This is where you can follow a float and 'play mas' along the kaleidoscopic parade route at Carnival. Great if you want to dance the whole route without getting stuck in the thick of the crowds and want unlimited sips.🥃

We joined 'Tears Mas' this year and anyone from the general public can get involved. Usually from £30-£90 depending on the bundle you get.😉

Carnival Monday hosts the biggest parties, so we decided to head to the soundsystems. These are static stages dotted on every corner around the whole area, hosting an array of live performance and DJ sets. 🙌🎵

Whether you like old-school reggae, bashment, hip hop, funk, Latin, gospel, soulful house, ska or rock-n-roll... there's a soundsystem for you that will get your body moving. ALL FREE. 🕺

85,000 steps later... we ended the weekend with some traditional carribean food - Jerk chicken, rice & peas.😍🍗 #FingerLickin

If you have ever though

t about heading to the carnival... but thought "I'm not the carnival type" people tell us the same thing about art "I'm not the creative type" 🎨🖌

So that is why we say just give it a try... or F*%k IT! Why Not? 😛

Stay Curious. Stay Creative

NorteyPitcher 👨🏿‍🎨👩🏼‍🎨

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