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Thoughtful, Creative Gifts on a Budget this Christmas

Finding that perfect gift for loved ones can be challenging enough... let alone when money is extra tight across the UK this holiday season.

Rising costs are making everything pricier. But often the most meaningful presents don’t have to cost much at all.

Getting crafty with handmade gifts allows you to give from the heART without overspending. Making something yourself adds that personal touch and thought, and doesn’t a unique, specially crafted gift spark more joy than something generic or store-bought anyway?

Your lucky recipient will surely love knowing you created something just for them.

If you’re feeling stumped on easy DIY gift inspiration, consider getting creative with ART SIPPERS.

Festive Paint-and-Sip workshops like ART SIPPERS make producing your own masterpieces fun and approachable for all skill levels.

These online classes guide you step-by-step through creating handmade artworks.

ART SIPPERS provides all the art materials needed so you can paint along from the comfort of your own home or you can just dig out your old paints and get creative with what you have got!

For only £9.99 per workshop, you’ll gain beginner painting skills while producing thoughtful handmade gifts. Not only can you give the artwork itself... but the artwork also makes for good Christmas decorations or heartfelt cards.

So if you're feeling crafty this Christmas, ART SIPPERS makes it affordable, easy and enjoyable to spark creativity on a budget.

The next sessions are:

  • Saturday 9th December 2023, 7-9pm.

  • Saturday 23rd December 2023, 7-9pm.

Can’t make those dates? ART SIPPERS offers online paint and sip workshops all year-round in 2024 and will be covering seasonal subjects, modern motifs and more unique designs. #SipSipBeret!

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