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Charles ‘Clovis’ Dardenne is a London based self-taught photographer shooting mainly on film for events, music videos, headshots and street photography.

Currently working as a Digital Imaging Technician his passion for photography started in college whilst learning about analogue photography and the extra dimensions that can be created with shooting on film. Leading him to take this passion further by completing a bachelor of arts in illustration and a foundation in graphic design.

Charles has a magical eye for detail and a playful imagination, allowing him to capture fun, excitement and the inner feelings of people and events within his frame.

We have been lucky enough to witness his creative genius in action, as he has joined a few in-person ART SIPPERS events and we’re always blown away by his final creations. (Swipe to see his Tipsy Tiger artwork)

Give this man a shout if you need any beautiful snaps done!


Ciara Lyons aka Lyonz is a British actress/ songwriter and singer - Born in West Sussex - who has featured on BBC music introducing The South. Her music is fresh, edgy and raw but still highly relatable with hints of playful grit.

This hard-hitting sound may come from her insatiable love for boxing which she actively practices on a daily basis... Even jumping in the ring last year to raise money for cancer research. (Obviously, she won… what a knockout!)

Over the years she has honed and developed her craft of acting which has allowed her to co-star in several British feature films such as Underdog (2018), White Glove Massive (2017), TV series Air Crash Confidential (2018) and many short films including Din Dins (2016) and Take A Life To Save A Life (2016)

With 2020 vision she has just dropped a new single called ‘Sisterhood” - You can find Lyonz on Spotify! Go follow and add her to your playlists now!! #Cheers for the moment (song playing in the background).

P.s you might recognise some of her songs from our live shows... We love to give them a spin!


If hair was a canvas Sita would be a paintbrush! Having been recently certified as an @opalex hairdresser she works absolute wonders with her tools of choice.

Maybe I’m slightly biased as she miraculously restored Josie’s lifeless hair last year lol, but don't take my word for it! She is a Sassoon trained hairstylist & Wella Master Colour Expert who has worked at London Fashion Week.

After leaving her old salon in 2019, she quickly decided to set up her own studio - Giving her the perfect environment to create vibrant and captivating looks for her clients.

Her creativity doesn't stop at just hair, as she is very handy with a pencil... After many years of not getting arty Sita has recently got back into drawing again. And oooh my!!! Her hyper-realism artwork is next levels, no wonder many people have started to enquire about commission pieces.

If you need a fresh chop, tone, banging balayage (or border terrier painting) - Go give Sita a shout!

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