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@WrapdCrystals 💎 @Fearlesscollective 🌱💫🌌

This triple... actually make that quadruple threat is a Presenter, YouTuber, Mindset and Spiritual Coach and did we mention a recently acquired 'Holy Fire Reiki' Level 1 - Practitioner! 🔮 Her selfless quest for self-development and healing has lead to the creation of Wrap'd jewellery to harness the power of crystals and stones.

I've always found it a hassle to carry my precious stones - So this gold necklace which also comes in silver or copper sounds like a genius idea of 'Wrapping'💡(Ah I see what you did there) your special stones and keeping them close-by to protect your energy! Her shop has just launched on Etsy yesterday🎉🎉🎉 So go and get your special gift wrap'd pressie 🎁

P.s if you need a coach or spiritual mentor give her a shout🗣 with a ferocious appetite and ambition to conquer her fears she can inspire others by challenging the body and mind. #Empowerment ⬆️

@Hows.Your.Father 👕

Do you like cool crap!? Well, this amazing illustrator designs and creates custom made crap that you can wear!🔥😛 #Perfect

She only recently launched a few months ago during lockdown... but has already built up a cult following with her stand out 'Bob Squad' character tees and vests. (Is Bob a potato? 🥔)

Bit of slang - "Hows Your Fathers" Is common cockney euphemism for sexual activity between two consenting adults" #OiOiCheeky😉

Using 100% cotton shirts using eco ink 🎨 all hand-painted and printed making each piece unique to order. Hot off the press... There are now some very cool limited edition prints available to buy on Etsy too 🖼

Katehodges.Org @Thehareandhoofe 📚🎸

Another quadruple threat... Editor, Writer of seven books (that have been translated into eight languages books), a basser for a band. Plus, a mum of twins Arthur and Dusty. 😊

She has over 20 years writing experience on magazines, having been a staffer on publications including The Face, Bizarre, Just Seventeen, Smash Hits and Sky, and written for many more, including The Guardian, Kerrang! and NME.

Her first ‘proper’ book, Little London, a guide to free and cheap, family-friendly things to do in the capital, was published in 2014. Followed by two more books on the city, London in an Hour, 'fun things to do and see with limited time' which came out in 2016, and Rural London, in 2017.

Her fourth book, I Know A Woman, published February 2018 containing mini-biographies of 84 fascinating women of the last couple of hundred years; some you’ll know such as Amelia Earhart, Beyoncé and Katharine Hepburn. Discussing friendships, mentoring, influences and groups that served to inspire and strengthen their resolve.

And most recently in 2020, she published Warriors, Witches, Women and a family activity book, On a Starry Night - perfect for families in lockdown. Bringing together crafts, games, recipes and a healthy sprinkling of horror-and-folklore related activities.💫

In her spare time, she plays in bands including The Nuns and The Hare and Hoofe - Which we went to watch live last year and it roooocked 🤟🏿🤟🏻 (we actually made this hand gesture several times during the night😅)

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