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Fight🥊, Flight🏃🏿💨 or Freeze🥶

This is our body's automatic response to danger, stress or trauma... And I feel like many of us have been in this heightened state for the whole of 2020!

No longer are we all running from the physical threats of the past like saber tooth tigers, but with the coronavirus having a direct impact on our livelihoods and businesses alike this daily threat can feel even more precarious.😐

As 'normal' life becomes more pressured the psychological effects become more apparent on our mental health. We can be in and out of this fight or flight state many times throughout a day, which means we can be 'wired up' almost constantly – with dangerous consequences for our our general wellbeing. ⚖

We all need to take proactive measures to ensure we alleviate stress and anxiety during this uncertain period. By taking regular walks, daily exercise, resting and even limiting screen time to take part in mindful activities like reading or painting. Otherwise these effects can inhibit the immune system, making us more vulnerable to colds, flu, fatigue and infections.🤒

It is important to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and each other to make sure we ALL come out of 2020 fighting!! 🥊

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