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Consume Less. Create More in 2024 🙌

Updated: Jan 16

If you are anything like me, the past few weeks have been filled with over indulgence...

And I’m not just talking about the excess food and drinks! 

Yes, like many of you, I have been sucked into social media's bottomless feed.

The temptation usually begins with an innocent tap - and just like in Alice in wonderland, I find myself spiralling down a rabbit hole into a hypnotic swipe fest, clicking and consuming content.

It's crazy to think how much has changed in just 20 years. Back in January 2004, platforms and apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (Twitter) and TikTok, didn’t even exist. 

“It’s true that attention is the only scarcity we have in this world of abundance, how come you and I are giving our attention away for free?” - Kevin Kelly

Social media is an invisible addiction. Currently, the average person in the UK spends nearly 3hours per day lost in a ‘scroll hole’. I think it’s fair to say that we are quickly becoming a nation of passive zombie consumers, rather than active ‘Creators’.

Unlike other recreational vices, most virtual addictions have no obvious tell-tale signs of misuse, such as discarded paraphernalia, empty bottles or stained teeth. And without any clear signs of bad habits, if you’ve accidentally had one scroll too many, there is no intervention from loved ones saying “I think you need to log off”

This insatiable desire for constant content is relatively new. Before tech infused every part of our lives, people consumed media in a more limited fashion. 

When I was younger, ‘surfing the web’ was a luxury activity - My family shared one noisy dial-up desktop computer, with time restrictions. This meant that there was a clear beginning and end to my after school MSN mischief. 

Even our TV screens had a signal to show that our night-time entertainment was over, with the symbolic appearance of the classic ‘Test Card Girl’ on BBC - you know, the one playing noughts and crosses with that eerie looking clown! 🤡 Yep… the perfect imagery to have in mind, just before bedtime!

Without the social media matrix holding our evenings hostage, people had time to engage in leisurely creative activities - like writing stories, playing instruments, painting, learning a language and more. These creative outlets not only passed the time, but gave people a purpose, a project and a long lasting sense of achievement.

I’m by no means a Luddite or technophobe. But, I do feel we need to start treating social platforms as a tool for constructive consumption not just for digital distraction. For creation, connection and community-building. 

And by transforming from idle users into useful creators, perhaps we can feel 'content' when we put our phones down at the end of the night?

"A 2014 study in the Journal of Media Psychology showed that passive consumption of media was linked to a 14% decline in self-esteem compared to active social media creation, which led to a 9% confidence boost."

Sadly, the sobering truth is I’ll never get back the hours wasted scrolling, but I can begin my road to recovery. 

So, this year instead of a resolution (which, I always end up breaking by the end of January 🙃) I decided to make a pledge to create more and consume less in 2024.

Here are 3 steps I'm going to take to make the switch:

1. Conscious consuming: I will start tracking my daily usage. Simply developing an awareness of my consumption habits to highlight areas for improvement. 

2. Get Inspired: I will devote 30 minutes each morning to reading, watching or listening to content from industry leaders, innovators and creators... Not just memes!

3. Small steps: I will start small by setting a goal to create something each week. Gradually building this creative muscle and new habit that will lead to bigger and better projects over time.

The creative economy train is leaving the station, with or without us. Too many of us are just  passively spectating, thinking we'll hop on board later. But the reality check is - this train isn't making any pit stops. 

Delaying our action puts many current lifestyles at risk. Especially when this new creator-powered economy takes over with A.I, it's more than likely many of our traditional jobs will become extinct.

Do you want to take on this new challenge with me? 

Pledge now to skill up, make new things, connect with new people, and offer our gifts to serve real needs...

Trust me, we'll thank ourselves later for getting creative ahead of the curve.🙌 🧠 

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Brilliant! I’m all over this.. I’ve managed to make a collage and read a book since new year.. 😘🎨🖼️📙

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