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I passionately believe that curiosity and creativity has never been more crucial to encourage innovation and provide nuanced perspectives to support inclusivity, diversity and wellbeing within the workplace.

I previously delivered successful brand activations within the experiential marketing and events industry for 10 years: Product Launches, Pop-Up Stores, Retail, Sporting Events, Festivals, Corporate and VIP Experiences. ⭐

So, why did I start ART SIPPERS? In my early 20's, I used to suffer from a lack of confidence (I lost my mojo and fell into a bit of a funk), which I managed to hide really well from friends and family. However, it manifested in my daily life with feelings of imposter syndrome, lack of direction and the inability to be assertive with my decision making. ⚖️

I understand that having low confidence and harbouring limiting beliefs can reduce one's personal drive and ambition, which can prevent you from achieving or simply pursuing your goals.

I never saw myself as a “creative”, but after a trip to Japan visiting teamLab Inc. Planets TOKYO. I picked up a paper and crayon for the first time in many years for the ‘sketch aquarium’, where the picture you draw was digitised and brought to life in the massive aquarium in front of you, swimming together with the fish drawn by other people. 🐡

I quietly sat down and coloured in my little Seahorse and to my surprise I found myself melting into what I can only describe, as some sort of zen ‘flow state’. 🧘‍♂️

There was a profound moment of bliss where all of my internal noise reduced, my mind calmed and I felt immense pride and genuine joy, which was a feeling that had been alien to me for so long (hence the massive grin in the picture below 😊).

After witnessing its effects, I noticed that ART is a perfect low risk medium, which allows individuals to step outside of their comfort zone. By looking at a blank canvas, guests are able to face underlying anxiety, explore self-doubt or any internal judgements. 👀

Trying to learn a new skill or anything with unknown variables at any age can lead to feelings of discomfort, uncertainty, vulnerability, and the fear of failure. So, by taking on a creative challenge in a controlled encouraging environment, participants can slowly build up their own creative-confidence muscle and mental fortitude. 💪

You can measure profits and loss, but you can't measure corporate culture and creativity. With many companies now offering work-from-home or remote options, employers need to BE MORE HUMAN in order to cultivate collaborative and connected workspaces. 🤝

By championing team bonding experiences, employees will feel more engaged and aligned with the business, in-turn generating a positive ROI and improving general productivity. 📈

Is your company ready to take on the #ARTSIPPERSCHALLENGE? 🏆

Let us guide you on a transformational journey from ZERO to PICASSO in 120 minutes! 💡

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