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Art Sipper On Demand is Finally Here 🙌🖌

For the past 4 years, we've challenged over 6,000 SIPPERS and created over 100 unique online LIVE art experiences.

And now, after many requests, we've finally bottled up some of our favourite SIPPERS SESSIONS for those who can’t make it on Friday nights.


Art Sippers On Demand - The place for artsy challenges, Accessible Anytime, Anywhere! #SipSipHooray

Can't join a live workshop?

Prefer to paint at your own pace?

Want to choose your own artwork?

No problem! With our on-demand platform, you can Paint & Play at your convenience.

This means the FREE ticket inside your art box will now give you the option to choose either a live show or an artwork on demand.

Check out the selection of artworks that are available now!


P.s. If you want access to the FULL library of 100+ ART SIPPERS experiences, don’t forget to sign up to the Monthly Membership

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